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At the base of our SUCCESS there is the concept of SYNERGY

from the Greek συνεργός which means WORKING TOGETHER

IL CALIBRO SRL represents the evolution of a path undertaken in a period of over 20 working years in support mainly of the mechanical and metalworking manufacturing sector.

It is part of the key activities of the development of the order, passing from the 3D mechanical conception and design, to research and development up to prototyping and production.

This structure allows us to be able to intervene in any segment of the entire production chain, offering the customer 360-degree support.

In fact, our customers have the opportunity to entrust us with the execution of the entire order or project up to the finished product, ready to be placed on the market, or a set of components, equipment or blocks of machines to complete their product.

This short presentation is the summary of a dynamic, flexible company with an open mind and ready for the ever more constant movement of the world market.

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